Wolfenstein: The New Order


Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first shooter games that appeared on the market and that means that some gamers will feel nostalgic when it comes to talking and playing this first person shooter. Two other iterations have appeared since then, in 2001 saw the release of Return to Castle Wolfenstein and in 2009 Wolfenstein was unleashed, each one having its own set of missions and intrigues that made us love the concept and story even more. With Wolfenstein: The New Order, Bethesda tries to offer us a unique perspective on WWII. This time Nazis have won the battle and they started taking advantage of every nation.

You will, once again, play the role of B. J. Blasckowitz, an American soldier whose main purpose is to destroy the Nazi war machine. The action starts in the 1940’s, in the midst of the battle against the Germans where you will play through some unforgettable levels.

At some point your character will get caught and be placed in a mental institutions where he sits for around two decades and when he eventually gets out of there he sees how much different the world has become. Everything is now under Nazi control and only with the help of his wits and power he will be able to bring down the Nazi war machine to its knees. The German army has numerous technological superiorities, as they now use robots and numerous other mechanical creatures such as war hounds to get an upper edge and suppress the enemies that come in their way.

The graphics in Wolfenstein: The New Order are suitable for an AAA title. They impress tremendously with their high quality and we failed to see lack of textures or other problems. It’s clear that the game went through a lot of testing which means that you will be able to enjoy it without a large amount of bugs. The environments are created so well that you will immediately feel the horrors of the war on your own skin. They are so realistic on the next gen consoles in Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One and viciously gritty that you will immediately realize how cruel and horrid the whole WWII really was.

The gameplay is the heart and soul of every Wolfenstein title and it’s safe to say that Wolfenstein: The New Order surely follows the tradition. It brings a lot of unique and interesting, worthwhile moments such as trying to avoid the attacks from a massive robot, submerging underwater, taking control of a submarine or escaping from a Nazi prison. These are only some of the moments that you can experience, so you can easily see how much action packed the game really is.

Wolfenstein: The New Order works at high details with no lag or frame-rate drops on both Xbox One and the PS4, so it was clearly optimized for them. There might be some small hiccups when you are dealing with lots of explosions, but other than that the experience you get is a solid one.

Sounds are realistic and add tremendously to the gaming experience. All weapons, including the WWII ones sound like the real ones, which is impressive.
For those gamers still on the fence about purchasing this title, Wolfenstein: The New Order is one of the most engaging experiences that I’ve had the pleasure of blasting through. Each moment in the game is action packed and while the Nazi-killing spree genre is all but over, you will not regret this purchase. You can adopt a stealth approach on any mission, or you can go with an all-out war. It’s up to you!

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