Video Games x Your Significant Other


If you enjoy playing video games, you probably find them pretty fun and relaxing (at least a little bit). It can be difficult to give up such an activity, where you get to enjoy everything gaming can offer in the comfort of your own home. You would trade anything for that. But, when you have a lover in your life, you often have to trade your gaming time for some time with them. You even sometimes ask yourself “can’t we enjoy video games together?”. If you are one of the lucky people who already have big chunks of fun when playing video games with their partner, you already know the answer. If you aren’t one of those lucky people, the answer is “yes” it’s really possible! It can turn out to be more fun than almost any other indoors activity you and your partner enjoys! However, you should be careful, as this can have a negative effect on your relationship too. It’s true, even though it’s usually harmless. So, if you’re still wondering whether to introduce your partner to video gaming, check out all the reasons why you should or shouldn’t do it.

Pros of Gaming with your Significant Other

Spending more time together – When playing your favorite multiplayer games with your partner, you get to spend more time with them. You might think that going out or watching a movie together might be the healthier alternative, but it really isn’t. Well, not always at least. Playing video games from time to time can be a lot more fun than watching a movie, but you need to make sure to pick a game that both of you will like (just like when you pick a movie).
You will become a team – You and your partner might learn some useful things about yourselves while playing a cooperative video game. You might learn how to work as a team in real life. Impossible? Think about it. Some bosses are pretty hard to beat, and require a lot of teamwork. Even if you yell at each other at first, you’ll eventually learn how to deal with the end boss, and that might even make you a real team in real life, too.

Having one more thing in common – No matter how much you love your partner, no matter how many things you have in common, and no matter how many things you want to share with them, it’s never a bad thing to have one more thing in common. You will at least have one more thing to brag about in front of other couples.

Cons of Gaming with your Significant Other

Your partner doesn’t enjoy video games – Even if your partner agrees to play a video game with you, from time to time, it doesn’t mean they enjoy it. They might give it a try, but make sure you never force them to do it. So, only do it if it’s fun for the both of you. There are plenty of other things you can enjoy as a couple. Video games are supposed to be fun, but sometimes, they are not fun for everyone.

Less time for other activities – Time flies pretty fast when you’re playing a video game. Most of the gamers don’t even realize how much time they spend while playing. Going on constant “game dates” is definitely not good for your relationship. It may be fun at first, but it can destroy relationships on the long run. On top of that, you’re missing out on many things in real life. Nothing is good in large doses. If you realize that you’re playing too much, stop playing for a few days and go out together as a couple.

Lose the relationship romance – It probably can’t get worse than this. But if you can’t really remember the last time you and your partner kissed, it’s probably time to stop playing for a while. You won’t be able to notice the damage (at least not at first), but try to spend more “real life” time together before it’s too late.

Being an avid video gamer, with kids and a significant other, doesn’t mean that you can’t compromise on your favorite hobby. There are many ways to balance gaming, and including your partner in this activity can greatly improve your relationship. Just make sure that it’s not forced and everyone will have a great time.

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