Super Mario 3D World


Mario would make his entrance on the Nintendo 3DS known all over the world with his first adventure on the handheld. This is one of the game is that is commonly attributed by gamers to turning round the fortunes of the Nintendo 3DS which up to the release of this game had been struggling a little bit with.

Story & Presentation

Ok this is a Super Mario game so by this point in time you should pretty much know what the story here is. Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach and it’s up to Mario to go and get her back, and put Bowser and the Koopalings in their place and of course bring back Princess Peach. You would by now that Princess Peach would have taken up some kind of martial arts training.

Super Mario 3D World is a great looking game it is clearly inspired by the NES game Super Mario 3, but at the same time it takes a great deal of inspiration from Super Mario 64 and even Super Mario Galaxy. The different stages in this game are just pure Nintendo gold. This by a mile is the best looking 3D Mario adventure to ever be released on a hand held console.

The use of 3D in the game is actually pretty cool. For the most part you can play the game with the 3D turned all the way off, but there are some of the Stars that are really quite well hidden, but if you have the 3D on you can see better how to get to them. This is a game that makes good use of 3D, but it does not shove it down your throat.


You do not play a Super Mario game for the story. The reason that you play a Super Mario game is because they are platform games at their absolute best! The Nintendo 3DS circle pad makes controlling Mario just so easy. You have complete control over his movements. And jumping on Goombas, kicking Koopa Shells and taking down bosses is great as you feel 100 percent in control of Mario the whole time. Of course Mario has numerous power ups that he can get to help him along his journey. The big power up in this game is the Leaf which gives us the return of Raccoon Mario, and you can even get Tanooki Mario as well!

The game has eight different worlds for you to beat. One really cool thing is that the levels in these worlds are rather on the short side. There are some that are longer than others, but for the most part Nintendo made the worlds in Super Mario 3D Land rather short. This makes the game perfect for quick bursts of game play, but if you have an hour to spend playing the game you can easily knock out a whole world. Some of the levels seem very easy, but getting those three Star Coins on each level, especially the later ones will test the most skilled Mario player. But for younger gamers who may find some of the later levels harder. If you die a certain amount of times you get a super powered Leaf that makes you invincible.

There is a great deal of replay value here as once you beat the game you get to play through the levels once again, but with things changed and a harder difficulty level and instead of Bowser now you are up against Dry Bowser!

Final Thoughts

This is Super Mario through and through. The game play here is pretty much perfect and this is a game that should be in the collection of every 3DS owner on the planet. I literally have nothing negative to say about this game!

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