Power Rangers Super Megaforce


If you have ever played a game on the very popular Nintendo 3DS handlheld platform, you may agree that it’s a great gaming device that can provide entertainment for all ages. Power Rangers Super Mega Force on the 3DS is for ages 10 and up and is from Bandai Namco Games America Inc. It mirrors the show many of us have watched in the early 90’s with the same characters we all know like the most popular all time favorite, the Red Ranger.

You don’t get all of the Megazords that appear on the newer Super Mega Force television series, so for some this may be a bit of a bummer. However, the ones you do get to unlock are pretty cool. The game is broken up into different episodes and gives players the ability to unlock more characters. In this way, the game creates a means to a good storyline.

Super Mega Force is somewhat different than the older Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. The game just doesn’t do the show much justice since there is really not as much going on in the game as the player would hope. This may be due to the basic graphics and it seems like there wasn’t much artistry in play when they created this game.

On television, the Power Rangers franchise was a hit with kids, and it’s amazing that twenty years later, a new generation of fans and their parents can enjoy the action packed adventures. With that being said, the number of people who would be playing this game could range from around 10 to maybe 35. Hearing ‘Go Go Power Rangers’ is one of this game’s highlights. A downside to the game however is that the levels don’t have much to do about a background. When you think about it though, the props and backdrops on the television series weren’t all that great either so supposedly the designers of the game knew this was to be expected. The lesson here if you are considering purchasing a new game for your Nintendo 3DS, don’t expect the graphics to wow you on this one as the developers didn’t put very much effort.

There aren’t as many Megazord battles as a true fan would like and the fighting scenes are a bit limited in the amount of moves you can use. After a while, this makes the game pretty predictable and for most kids this will eventually may lead to yet another boring button mashing game they will probably want to trade in for something else. Personally, my kids like the show and are just starting to get into the series seeing that it’s on Netflix now. I bought the game a few weeks ago and they seem to like it. They also enjoy games like Bolt which is based on the movie and Astro Boy. Both of these games we have for the Nintendo Wii and they kids never want to trade them. If they continue playing the Power Ranger game I may elect to purchase it on another system as well if its available.

Overall its a decent game but won’t ever get rave reviews because of its limitations. Fans of the television series over the years may enjoy Power Rangers Super Megaforce for the Nintendo 3DS and play it for the sheer nostalgia and excitement. So just remember whenever there is an alien armada lead by the evil Prince Vekar waiting to destroy the entire Earth, if you feel the need to do your part and protect the planet, this is the perfect game for you!

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