God Of War


God Of War is one of Sony’s premier franchises. This first game in the series started out on the Playstation 2. It would eventually be ported to the Playstation 3 along with God Of War 2.

Story & Presentation

The story is one of the strong points in the God Of War series and it all started right here with this game. You play the role of Kratos. Kratos is one of the most bad ass video game characters ever created. What I love about Kratos is the fact that rally he is not a good guy at all, but you still want him to succeed anyway. Kratos works for the God Ares. But before this happened Kratos was tricked into murdering his wife and child. Now Kratos seeks vengeance and will do whatever it takes to get it. The story is set very much in the world of ancient Greek mythology, but it puts its own twist on it which is really cool.

The presentation of the game is just amazing and even the Playstation 2 version holds up very well. I was mind blown the first time I played this game on my Playstation 2. The game is very cinematic and the gore is just out of this world and over the top. The character design of the various different creatures you will be facing is very well done as are the bosses that you will encounter as well. The voice acting also is top of the line and it really does bring this world to life. The version that was released on the Playstation 3 was giving the HD treatment and it does look much better, but for some odd reason they did not upscale the cinematic scenes.


God Of War is a game that is all about hack and slash action. Playing as Kratos you really do feel like you are this unstoppable killing machine. The game is very easy to control and one thing that I thought I would hate, but I actually like is the camera. In God Of War the camera is set in one position which makes the game not only more cinematic, but lets you focus on the fighting.

You start the game with the Blades Of Chaos as your weapons, but you can new weapons and learn four magical abilities of the Gods. You can throw lightning bolts like Zeus, turn enemies to stone like Medusa, unleash the dead like Hades and use the power of the sea with Poseidon’s Rage. There is a great variety to the combat and its really cool pulling of some huge combos. Some say that the combat is shallow, but I have to disagree. I think that the combat is great and a ton of fun. Kratos can level up all his abilities and weapons which not only make them stronger, but give him new attacks. As well as combat the game will throw some puzzles at you as well which do a good job in breaking up the combat.

The story of the game I would say will probably take the average player around 8-10 hours to beat. This is one of those games that is so much fun you will want to play through it again and again.

Final Thoughts

God Of War is a great game and it all started with this classic. In my opinion the extra spit shine that was given to the Playstation 3 version makes that the one you should track down, but truth be told whether you are playing this on a Playstation 2 or 3 you are in for a great time.

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