God Of War II


God Of War II was inevitable after the huge success that the first game had. While it was originally released on the Playstation 2 the game would be ported in a pack with the first game on the Playstation 3.

Story & Presentation

The story in God Of War II picks up right after what happened in the first game. You still play the role of Kratos who at the end of the day is just trying to find peace within him self. Well find peace at the same time as ripping out as many throats as he can. Zeus betrays Kratos, but he is given another chance by the Titan Gaia. Gaia tells Kratos that he needs to find the Sisters Of Fate and then he can get vengeance on Zeus, destroy Olympus and maybe finally find peace. The story is even more epic than the first game and we find out why Zeus has such an interest in Kratos.

It’s fair to say that God Of War II simply had to have been pushing the Playstation 2 to its limits. The character designs are amazing like they were in the first game and there is more variety to the enemies now. And somehow they have made Kratos even more ruthless with the way that he kills things. But the real leap in graphical quality for me is the different levels. Snow covered mountains creepy swamps and fire volcanoes are just a few of the different level designs that you will come across. The first game was already pretty cinematic, but this one steps it up even more with some truly amazing CG cut scenes. The Playstation 3 HD port of this game looks phenomenal. Sony did a great job in their HD port of the first game, but God Of War II looks so good in HD that you would think it was a game designed for the Playstation 3.


Now the core game pay has not changed at all. Kratos still has the Blades Of Chaos and like before he can get many other weapons and learn various God inspired spells as well. To be honest I most of the time just stick with the Blades Of Chaos. Do not get me wrong the other weapons are pretty cool, but I just have a lot more fun with the Blades Of Chaos. The game will have you pulling of huge combos sometimes well over 100 hits. In order to break things up a bit like before the game will throw a few puzzle sections at you as well. These are not too hard, but there are a couple that will give you a little trouble.

One thing that is brand new in God Of War II is the sections in the game that see Kratos take to the skies. These are really cool and see Kratos on the back of a Pegasus. I am not a big fan of flying games if I am honest, but I did have an absolute blast with this one.

The game is probably about the same length as the first game at around 10-12 hours, but there is a ton of stuff for you to find and do on each level. But even if there was not this is a game that you will probably want to play through a few times because it is so much fun. One cool thing I want to mention is that the game has a really cool making of documentary that will make you appreciate the game even more.

Final Thoughts

God Of War II is a tremendous game. I literally have nothing bad to say about this game at all. I will not lie and say that if you did not like the first game then this will win you over because it will not, as it is certainly a case of more of the same. But if you like hack and slash games then this is for you. The fact that this is a hack and slash game that also has a great story just makes it even better.

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