God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta


Along with God Of War: Chains Of Olympus this is a side game in between the events of the God Of War trilogy. While this was first released on the Playstation Portable. The game would also be released alongside Chains Of Olympus for the Playstation 3.

Story & Presentation

The story of God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta is set after the events of the first God Of War game. Now the two Playstation Portable God Of War games expand the story of the God Of War series. But they are not essential in the grand scheme of things when it comes to the actual God Of War trilogy, but with that being said I think God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta is one of the best stories in the entire franchise!

The story sees Kratos wanting to search for his mother to get some answers in regards to his past. In his quest to do this he learns that his older brother Deimos was taken captive when they were children by the God Of Death, Thanatos. Kratos then decides to go and find his long lost brother and save him. Out of all the God Of War stories I think this one actually does the best job of showing Kratos as a “good guy” sure he is still a total bad ass killing everything in site, but I do think we see a much more “human” side of him in this game.

The game looks great even on the Playstation Portables screen. If you have a PSP3000 the game especially looks good. Of course it does not match what the Playstation 3 God Of War games can do, but I do think this is easily on par with God Of War II on the Playstation 2. When the game was ported onto the Playstation 3 I think Sony did a great job in touching the game up a little making it look nice when it is played on your TV. But the game I will say does show more flaws when it is blown up on a big screen.


This is God Of War in the palm of your hand what more could anyone want? Out of the two Playstation Portable God Of War games this one comes the closest to matching its console big brothers. It has all the killing, hack and slash, puzzle solving and light plat forming you would expect and want from a God Of War game.

Still as this was a game intended for the Playstation Portable a few sacrifices had to be made. There are fewer weapons in this game which may sound a little lame, but it actually does nothing to harm the game play at all. Whereas on the Playstation 2 and 3 you would use the right analogue stick to doge. Here you need to hold L and R then move the analogue nub on the Playstation Portable to dodge. These little control changes do a great job in making up for the lack of a second analogue sick and the L2 and R2 buttons. The combat is really solid and even on the small screen it feels very satisfying to rip an enemy in half.

The game will take you around 6-8 hours to beat. But like all the God Of War games the combat is so great chances are you will want to come back and play the game again at some point.

Final Thoughts

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta is a great entry in the God Of War franchise and I honestly do not think that it gets the credit it deserves. The story is amazing and like I said before while it’s not essential in the God Of War trilogy it is great in delving deeper into the complex character that is Kratos. While this is great played on the Playstation 3 to me I actually preferred playing on the Playstation Portable. If you like the God Of War games, but passed on this one with the impression it was just an unnecessary side game. Then I highly recommend you give it a chance as the story really is worth playing through.

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