Gears Of War


Gears Of War from Epic Games was one of if not the biggest franchise that was born on the Xbox 360. Many gamers around the world would buy an Xbox 360 just so they could experience this phenomenal shooter! The game would go on to sell millions of copies, spawn a few sequels and a ton of merchandise as well.

Story & Presentation

The Gears Of War series had one of the best stories I have ever played in a shooter. The game is set on the planet Sera. The game centers around a group of soldiers who are part of the Coalition Of Ordered Governments (COG) who are trying to put a stop to a threat of a species who are the natural inhabitants to the planet Sera, The Locusts.

The main character of the series is bad ass Marcus Fenix. He is part of Delta Squad which includes his best friend Dom Santiago, Damon Baird and the Cole Train Augustus Cole. Part of what makes the story of these four men trying to put a stop to the Locust threat so compelling is the relationship between them. I honestly think that the relationship between Dom and Marcus is one of the best this console generation had to offer. Many people write the Gears series off as a mindless shooter, but the story here is just amazing.

When this game was released it was one of the best looking games around. And while many games have surpassed the first Gears Of War it is still a nice looking game. The character models look and move very well. And the destroyed ruins of the cities of the planet Sera look amazing. The game does have a few frame rate slowdowns every once and a while, but that really is just nitpicking. As well as looking great Gears Of War has amazing voice acting and a great score that really does fit with the game perfectly.


Many people say that Gears Of War was the game that gave birth to this genre of “cover” shooter games. While there had been more than a few cover shooters before it I think it’s fair to say that Gears Of War was the first that many gamers played.

This is a 3rd person shooter game that will see you having to kill wave after wave of enemies. The game is just relentless, but thankfully if you get shot down one of your squad can review you. And like wise you can revive them. The game just always has you on edge. You can be walking along talking with your squad, but you will always have a feeling that something is watching you so you always need to have your gun ready.

At the time the game played very well, but now thanks to how well Epic Games have refined the Gears Of War games this first game in the series can feel a little clunky in places, but it’s still a riot to play through. The game has a really fun multi player mode that sees you be able to take part in battles. Or you can team up with a friend to tackle the campaign in co op.

Final Thoughts

The Gears Of War series is amazing and I will say one of the best story driven shooters of all time. While this first entry may not be as polished as the others. This is still a game that needs to be in your collection. Actually forget that, the whole Gears Of War series should be in your collection. This is a series of games that needs to be played in order. The story is just so great that you really owe it to yourself to experience it from beginning to end.

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