Call Of Duty: Ghosts


The 2013 installment of Call Of Duty is called Ghosts and is handled by the guys at Infinity Ward. Call of Duty: Ghosts as well as being released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC and Wii U would also serve as one of the most high profile launch titles for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Story & Presentation

Many people are quite harsh when it comes to the single player campaign of the Call Of Duty series. And in the last few installments I think they series has done a good job in making an interesting action based story that is fun to play through. Call of Duty: Ghosts though feels like the story was kind of rushed. For the most part you play the role of Logan Walker, but you do get to handle a couple of other characters as well including Logan’s father. The story has an interesting premise in that in this war America is the underdog. And you have to sneak in under enemy lines. The mighty American military is not what it once was, but you are kind of the last hope. The story is not bad, but it just feels quite linear. The premise they came up with was good, but the execution could have been handled better.

This is easily the best looking Call Of Duty game that has so far been released. Even the most anti Call Of Duty fan has to admit that these games have sky high production values. The current generation versions of the game look great, but the Playstation 4 and Xbox One are even better which is to be expected. The games visuals really come to life in the underwater level and the one that is set in outer space. The design on these two levels in particular is very well done and look unlike anything that has been in the series before.


This is pretty much what you would expect from Call Of Duty although two new features have been added to the core game play. First of all we now have the ability where you can look around a corner and shoot. This is actually a really useful feature especially in multi player. The other new features is one that looks cool, but not all that important. When you are running you can now slide along the ground. Like I said it looks cool, but that is about it. The game has nice and tight controls and while not a great deal is new, you really cannot fault the games controls.

Of course the real meat and potatoes of any Call Of Duty game is the multi player and you have to give Infinity Ward a great deal of credit for trying their best to change things up. To start with the maps now have areas that can be destroyed this not only looks really cool, but can be used for tactical reasons as well. If you have a team that is trying to make a certain area of the map their strong hold and it is an area that can be blown up, then blow it up! Out of the box there is a great selection of maps, but the game will be supported with new maps right up until the next Call Of Duty game.

Squads is a new and fun game mode that has been added in Ghosts. This is a great way for new players to Call of Duty to get an idea of what to expect when it comes to playing online. Another really fun new mode that has been added is called Extinction. When Treyarch make a Call Of Duty game they have their zombie mode. Well this is Infinity Wards response to that. Instead of zombies though it is aliens that you need to kill. I loved this mode more than another in the game, but I just wish they had added more of a story to it like Treyarch have with their zombies mode.

Final Thoughts

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a good entry to the series. The tons of fun that you can have with the multi player more than make up for the less than spectacular single player campaign which as well as not being all that exciting is also on the short play. But as far as the multi player goes if Call Of Duty is your thing this will last you until the next one comes out. And thanks to the Squads mode this would be a good introduction for people who want to start playing the game online.

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