Call of Duty Advanced Warfare


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is the newest game in the popular franchise series. It includes a new graphics engine for next generation Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and has a new lead development team – Sledgehammer Games.

The Playstation 4 version has excellent graphics, including facial recognition software that really shines. Reactions, facial features, and details as small as skin pores, hair minute details really stand out compared to previous titles in the series – all thanks to the latest graphics rendering engine.
The world that serves as the game’s setting is also rendered with great attention to detail. The world, and environments that exist in the game, are very realistic and truly immerse the player in this universe. The weapons are the last part of the graphic engine that have a real impact on the player due to realism, shading, and high quality rendering detail. The graphics are taking advantage of the next generation of consoles, and when a characters face shows you emotions like fear, excitement, and anger in game, this is where games begins to become art.

The gameplay is fast and fluid, and is what we have come to expect from the Call of Duty franchise. The new addition is a type of cybernetic exo-skeleton suit. The suit is integral to the gameplay, and is what sets this iteration of COD aside from the others. Mobility and flexibility make both the single player gameplay, and the Multiplayer gameplay interesting and engaging.

The story of the single player portion of the game includes mercenaries out of control, a corrupt congress, Weapons of Mass Destruction and American military response. The story line is grandiose and delivered with an over-the-top Hollywood blockbuster style. The story is plausible, and even a little frightening when the real life source is considered, and could almost be current commentary on our society. Actors deliver powerful performances that carry the story of the game. Troy Baker is our player character Mitchell and Kevin Spacey is Atlas Corporation President Jonathan Irons.

Multiplayer has always been Call of Duty’s strong point, and Advanced Warfare keeps the tradition alive by introducing the exosuits. There are thousands of multiplayer first person shooters, but none offer the movement, flexibility and ability to creatively use the exosuits in player combat. A new game mechanic can make or break the multiplayer aspects of a game and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare delivers an experience that can be enjoyed by a first time FPS player, or even an experienced gamer can find new experiences in this mode.

The players that will enjoy this game are wide ranging due to the new mechanics of the exosuits and the flexibility they give. The hardcore fans of COD that have played the franchise for years will find a crisp, new experience that tackles some of the limitations and problems of the older titles. A new player to the franchise will be treated to a polished game.

The product is good enough so that even players not interested in military games will find things to love: A good story, amazing mechanics, a new twist on what can be done in a shooter environment. Players are not restricted to one or even two solutions to most problems presented and this is the mark of an interesting, and dynamic game play experience. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare should appeal to any console gamer who wants a solid story presented in a fantastic environment. This latest installment delivers to the latest consoles with new technology, innovative and excellent design, professional execution, great attention to detail, all leading to a very solid game.

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