Batman Arkham City


This addition to the Batman gaming saga is even better than the last. New flight mechanics, new baddies, you get the idea. The game also has a slightly darker look to it than its predecessor and it is this I believe that really pulls you in.

Gotham has been turned into a prison and gangs war and rival in the prison. Bruce Wayne ponders the idea of destroying Arkham City but in-game happenings make a short stop to the decision. Batman gets infected with an incurable disease of the Jokers, and unfortunately the only one with the cure has been captured by the Penguin. The villains are out to destroy each other and disaster is in the air.
Batman Arkham City is an open world game of stealth with the player playing from the third perspective. The Freeflow combat system has been improved. Gadgets and weapons have also been improved as well as new ones being available.

The game has about 40 hours of gameplay with 25 being just the campaign. After the game is completed for the first time in either normal or hard there is a “New Game Plus” that becomes available. In this new game lets the players play the game with all the gadgets abilities and experience from the old save. Enemies are harder, but the in screen icon that warns you of imminent attacks is disabled. Definitely gives the player more than enough replay value to the game. Depending on your system there may even be DLC available, including the Catwoman DLC.

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